When is the Best Time for a Post-Gym Glow?

When is the Best Time for a Post-Gym Glow?

Fitness topics are in no short supply and hotly debated fitness topics flood social media daily. However, one hotly disputed topic surrounding morning vs. evening workouts got our attention in recent weeks. Of course, the absolute best time to work out is whenever the gym time meshes with your schedule so that you go regularly. If you can only squeeze in a jog or quick yoga session after work, it’s better than skipping exercise altogether.


So, when is the optimal time to work out when you can reap the most benefits? In the early morning hours! Research shows that starting the day with a heart-pumping session has indisputable health benefits.

  1. You’ll make healthier choices all-day
    It is kind of simple. When you start your day on a healthy note, you’ll strive to maintain that healthiness all day. Make a hard pass on those breakfast doughnuts, because why would you want to ruin your healthy high?
  1. You’ll get actual sleep
    According to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), people who hit the treadmill at 7 a.m. sleep longer, experience deeper sleep cycles and spend 75 per cent more time in the most reparative stages of slumber than those who exercise later in the day. The NSF also notes that those who break a sweat at night tend to have more trouble catching Z’s, possibly due to a rise in body temperature.
  2. Naturally, lower your blood pressure
    People with hypertension often need medications to control this dangerous health condition. But lifestyle changes, like exercising in the morning may help. In a study published in the Journal of Vascular Health and Risk Management, researches had participants exercise at three different times of the day. Those who worked out early at 7 a.m. reduced their post-workout blood pressure by 10 percent. That dip continued all day and even lowered more at night.
  3. Natural mood booster
    Ready for a boost of natural endorphins? If your brain gets an endorphin bath early in the morning, you’ll start your day feeling more optimistic and will be less susceptible to stress and anxiety all day! With that 7 a.m. workout, you’ll make your mental health a priority.
  4. Lose more weight
    Weight loss results might depend on timing. According to a new study in the International Journal of Obesity, those who exercise earlier in the day (before noon) lost “significantly more weight” than those who exercised later in the day, after 3 p.m. While the study was small it also unveiled a few more pros for working out in the morning. Early exercisers are more active, ultimately taking more steps and also ate about 100 calories less throughout the day.
  5. You are free the rest of the day
    Sometimes going to the gym after a busy day is the last thing that you want to do. It begins to feel like a chore and all you want to do is watch a Netflix marathon. But, if you get your sweat session out of the way first thing in the morning, you won’t have to nag yourself about it later and you’ll have the rest of the day for whatever your heart desires… Happy Hour anyone?

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