Try It Outside

Try It Outside

Is hitting the gym getting tough? Does it become even harder for you when the weather beckons you to ditch out? Stop ignoring your instincts! The perfect training ground is all around you. Try stepping outside and give your workout a fighting chance during the summer months.

Longer Workouts

You will be surprised by how much faster time flies outside. When you are distracted by the environment around you, you’re less aware of your effort. This could even result in longer workouts with better results.


Feel the Burn

Outdoor terrain may be just what your body needs to get out of a fitness rut. When your body knows exactly what to expect from the gym like treadmills, ellipticals, and bikes the outdoors might just be what your body needs for a challenge. Other external variables can have an impact as well, for example wind resistance and temperature can make your body work smarter and harder resulting in burning up to 10 percent more calories by trading a treadmill for the outdoor trails.

Money Saver

We all know that gym memberships aren’t cheap and can even feel like a waste if you no-show. Not to mention the additional fees for classes or yoga. Running out your front door will not only cut your fitness bill, but can save you cash on gas getting to the gym. What could you do with that summer savings?

Pure Happiness

Fresh air and the warmth of the summer sun can create a feeling of euphoria, releasing the body’s endorphins. Exercising outside creates feelings of revitalization, energy and positivity. Spending time outdoors is also known to decrease stress and help focus.

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