Morning Habits That Can Shape Your Day

Morning Habits That Can Shape Your Day

What you do in the morning contributes greatly to the tone of your day. When we roll out of bed after hitting the snooze 15 times and neglect to plan, we throw up a prayer for chaos into the ether… and more than likely, chaos is what we will get.

There are plenty of posts about the habits of the most successful people, but there is a reason the way they begin their days’ impacts how well it goes. Not only on a functional, logical level (all your ducks in a row, there is a plan, you are organized… the essentials), there’s something psychologically very powerful about beginning your day in a way that says, “I am a competent human and I’ve got this day on lockdown”. Here’s how to leap out of bed on the right foot and stay on it all day long.


Make Your Bed

Sounds simple enough and probably something that your mom would remind you to do. There is a reason making your bed in the morning sets you up for success. This simple act of organizing and leaving your bedroom in a presentable condition reinforces to you highly impressionable, half-asleep brain that order and calmness abound. More calm equals less stress, and less stress equals a better mood and hopefully a better day.


Your cells have been without water for several hours, so reintroducing water before any other substance (yes, even coffee) is key to prepping your GI tract for efficient work throughout the day. It’s an easy way to rehydrate your body if you do it on autopilot. Plus, if you sip water throughout the morning, you may end up consuming two of your eight recommended glasses for the day.

Plan Your Day

A simple list of the three big things you’d like to accomplish in the short term (before noon or before the end of the day) can go a long way in terms of helping you move calmly through the day. Putting it on paper or your phone takes away the stress of remembering and can serve as a helpful reminder of your goals. A few small tasks to keep you on track will make for better time management all day.

Play Music You Love

Regardless of your morning plans, a soundtrack of uplifting and energizing tunes will help prime your mind for positivity all day long. Pick whatever makes you happy and use it to get through your must-do’s before you leave the house. Plus, great music makes a long commute way less stressful.


Want to feel better mid-afternoon? Make time in the morning to get your body in motion. Whatever it is… stretching, taking the dog out for a walk, going to CrossFit, starting your day with movement revs your metabolism and stokes your energy for the entire day.

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