How To Maximize A Quick Workout

How To Maximize A Quick Workout

Whether you’re trying to squeeze in a quick sweat or can’t stand the thought of spending hours on the elliptical, here are just a few ways to optimize your workout routine when you’re short on time.


Don’t Obsess

Life is busy, your schedule is hectic so why not be nice to yourself. Obsession never gets anyone anywhere, so don’t put pressure on yourself to stick to a workout schedule. Be flexible and you will see results.

Mix It Up

If you are on the road for work or are short on time, then you have no choice but to deviate from your normal routine and believe it or not, that’s a good thing. If you keep the same old routine, day after day then you will most likely get bored and end up skipping the gym altogether. Working out should be part of your lifestyle and not a burden. Make things fun by trying something different each day.

Hit the Road

If you crave exercise, but don’t have any equipment you can still make it work. Try some high-intensity interval training (HIIT) when you are on the go. Keep yourself on your toes, plus you can always sneak resistance bands into your suitcase.

High-Impact & Multi-Purpose Moves

Every minute counts when you are short on time, so don’t waste it. If you only have 10 minutes, try a series. Combine a yoga series, with a jumping jack series and you will be tired. Try:

  • Planks: There are so many good variations and they are extremely versatile.
  • Jump Rope: You only need 10 minutes for a killer workout. Try 1-minute on and 1-minute off, turning it into a HIIT workout.
  • Jumping Jacks: Put on some good music and keep a rhythm. You can dance around or do jumping jacks with arm variations to mix it up!
  • Yoga Series: Move in and out of yoga poses slowly or quickly with power to get your blood flowing and heart racing.

Stay Hydrated

The only must during any workout is to stay hydrated. It is essential for replenishing electrolytes and minerals lost during a workout, no matter the duration.

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